Shondra Marie


I'm Shondra Marie and I am a proud #AEA and #SAGAFTRA member and lover of theatre/film/TV, but, that's not the only thing about me. I love to create - #needlework (#crossstitch, #hardanger, #sewing, #machineembroidery - as well as a little #beading, #crocheting, #quilting, and #knitting thrown in there for good measure!), #DIY projects (painting our house - every inch inside! - with many wall treatments beginning with, "I don't know how this is going to look), brushing up on my #piano, learning about #essentialoils and #naturalwellness, #journaling - even writing sporadic poems (I have a bad habit of not signing them or dating them - I wonder why), as well as breaking into random #dancing or #singing. I've always driven a stick-shift until 2015 when we got our Ford Fusion Hybrid. Incredibly comfortable car - but, I still have to check myself when I unthinkingly want to "shift" gears! My husband and I have two #cats - the least we've had at one time was one and the most was four. He says we shouldn't be outnumbered by #furbabies. Hmmmm. (color me #notconvinced). I am also a #doTERRA #WellnessAdvocate, and have been on a #nauturalwellness journey for the past few years, working out with #Beachbody, eating more #veggies, using #lesstoxic cleaning supplies, and more! Life should be a #beautifuljourney. Come alongside me!

Films include
Sacrifice, Puncture, With Dad, Pleadings, Catharsis, Letting Madison Go, The Ghosts on Hurdle Avenue. Theatre includes a stint in NY doing Girls Only - The Secret Comedy of Women (which I also performed for a 4 1/2 month run in Houston). I'm often onstage locally. Shows include The Glass Menagerie, Tomfoolery: the Words & Music of Tom Lehrer, Nunsense, Smoke on the Mountain, Sanders Family Christmas, The Pajama Game, See Rock City & Other Destinations, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

I've had the great fortunate to have studied and worked with amazing artists, including Stuart and Ann Ostrow, Jerry Bock, Sidney Berger, Deke Anderson, Jim Conlan, Todd Waite, Paul Hope, Jeannette Clift George, Mark York and Shelley Calene-Black. And, I have a valid passport and would love to travel!

I am currently represented by Linda McAlister Talent and Pastorini-Bosby Talent.

Current Project:

I am excited to announce that I will be returning to the #ADPlayers May/June 2019. Come be a part of this real-time drama!

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Other Highlights:

I also had the incredible opportunity to record some songs with John Watt and the Gulf Coast 6. It was a blast to be in the studio creating something new and fresh. Each member of the group has a different background. John and Ray come from a rock background, Andrew and Daleton come from more of a jazz background, Tevon has played with a lot of big names, and I from a musical theatre background. It was a great fusion of styles.

I also was interviewed by Joseph DeCross for his blog at The link to their conversation is at:

I'm always busy working in various part-time jobs. My main one is working in the Medical Center as a #StandardizedPatient at the University of Texas Medical School, Texas A&M, Texas Children’s Hospital, and, occasionally, M.D. Anderson. At UTMC, I'm also a Standardized Patient Teaching Assistant, where I help 1st year students learn the proper technique for a total body exam. I also work for Tobin & Associates, a temporary placement and payroll company, as well as d0 #privatecoaching and #tapeauditions.